MaryAnn Brooks Kildebeck, LCSW

Denton, Texas              972.377.6400

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce As a Neutral Mental Health Professional (MHP) with experience in over 200 Collaborative Divorce cases, I help the Collaborative Divorce (CL) team be more effective and successful in many ways:
  • By helping to manage the emotions in the joint sessions;
  • By coaching the clients (and sometimes the attorneys) on how to reach agreements by expressing interests as opposed to taking entrenched positions;
  • By addressing disruptive or negative client conduct and behaviors;
  • By working with the parents off line to resolve issues involved in developing a parenting plan proposal; and
  • By helping lawyers deal with difficult situations that they may not have encountered before.
Another level of CL offered to clients is the mediator-facilitated collaborative model. For further information, please visit:

As a part of the CL training team of New Paradigm Training since 2008, I have helped others learn the collaborative strategies for the multidisciplinary team model. Learn more about our training and theories on

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