MaryAnn Brooks Kildebeck, LCSW

Denton, Texas              972.377.6400

Parenting Coordination

parenting coordination Through Parenting Coordination (PC), I have developed skills and gathered experience to help parents (especially those with a history of high conflict) identify core issues of disputes, clarify priorities, explore new methods of problem-solving and develop proficiency in co-parenting.

As a condition of my appointment to a case, PC clients with whom I work are required to sign a Release of Information so that I may communicate with the client's attorneys on the case. Otherwise, PC is a confidential process, including both written and verbal communications and therefore may help create a more valid venue for resolution.

The summaries of understandings that I send to both attorneys after each session constitute clients' understandings, not agreements. If I choose to share with the client's lawyer my assessment of their client's level of cooperation that is a confidential process.

As a Coordinator, I am a neutral source assisting parents to establish parenting schedules that address their specific needs. Resulting understandings are then used by the attorneys to draft a formal Parenting Plan for use in mediation or litigation.

Post-divorce, I help parents understand how to implement the parenting schedule in their existing decree. If needed, I help them make minor changes in their parenting schedule that support their co-parenting efforts.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.