MaryAnn Brooks Kildebeck, LCSW

Denton, Texas              972.377.6400

Custody Evaluation

Social Studies are now referred to as Custody Evaluations or Adoption Evaluations. I have completed more than 200 studies in the past and enjoy doing the work. Not that this work is easy - but I feel that my thorough evaluation of and investigation into the family situations helps to produce a recommendation that is focused on the best interest of the children in the custody evaluation process.

My training comes from several sources, as I started working on learning Custody Evaluations when I was working on my master's degree. I have been to training with CASA and AFCC. I testified in front of the legislative committee in Austin regarding my thoughts on how Evaluations should be conducted, and have been member of groups working to better the processes involved in producing Custody Evaluations.

Every Evaluation is different, but my basic fee for an Evaluation involving one child is $6,950 ($3,475 per side). If the Evaluation involves more than one child, the cost goes up $1,000 per additional child (i.e. a study for three children would be a total of $8,950 ($4,475 per side).

The time typically to complete a study is about 3 months. If there are complications with CPS records, difficulty scheduling the home visits, or any other type of "slow-down" it can take longer than 3 months.

There are additional fees for testifying in court and travel outside the county in which the case is filed. I typically work in Collin, Denton and Dallas Counties, but have done studies in Tarrant and Grayson Counties as well as Oklahoma.

Contact my office for more information and specifics about time allowances and possibilities of abbreviated studies.