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Parenting Facilitation

parenting facilitation As relative newcomers to the legal arena, Parenting Facilitation (PF) and Parenting Coordination (PC) are resources developed with the intent of keeping clients out of the courtroom. There is considerable debate about which approach is better for all involved.

Attorneys may voice a preference for PF, as they want to be advised of what happens with the clients during the sessions with the Parenting Facilitator. I find Parenting Coordination more beneficial to the clients and attorneys as long as the clients sign a Release of Information so that I can speak with their respective attorneys in the case.

PF allows the Parent Facilitator to testify if court, which is in my professional opinion, a significant disincentive to helping clients develop skills, and, even more importantly, a frame of mind to settle future differences without a judge. It is difficult for clients to be forthcoming in a PF session if they know what they say can be used against them in court.

In PC, with a release, I advise the attorneys involved in the case of what transpired during the session. I then send summaries of the meetings to the two clients as well as to the attorneys. This addresses the attorney's legitimate desire to know what transpired in sessions with their clients.

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