MaryAnn Brooks Kildebeck, LCSW

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Family Therapy

mediation One of the most popular and most effective types of therapy is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. The basic concept is that your thought patterns are directly responsible for your emotions. How you think about any event will develop your emotions regarding that event, and will then influence your behavior in response to your thoughts and feelings.

It seems to be very helpful for most of the clients that come to my office to have an objective person (a therapist) to help interpret the actual thinking patterns. Sometimes we work "backwards" and identify the emotion first, then work to determine the thinking pattern that developed the emotion.

Another significant part of the therapy that I engage in with my clients is setting boundaries. Boundaries include: 1) how you treat yourself; 2) how you treat others; and 3) how you allow others to treat you. To keep your life in a healthy state of balance, all three of these aspects of boundaries need to be cultivated.

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